Kamis, 27 November 2008

Once a hardcore kid, I will always be a hardcore kid

View days ago, via friendster comments, a hometown friend asked me to go home and play music again. I knew that it was just a chit chat thing. But somehow, I was paused on the screen and thought about it for a view while. If you asked me do I miss playing music, I will certainly answer “ A LOT…”. Yes, I miss being in the stage with my buddies (which most of them are my childhood buddies), jumping around like crazy, playing the out of tone guitars (ha2), jump off the stage to the crowd, create mosh pit, smash to each other and laugh about it instead of smashing back, etc. I miss the crowd, the fast drumbeat, the distortion, the screaming vocals, and all ‘hardcore’ things. It’s been a while since my last stage, and I don’t even have time to go to a gig anymore. Damn, I miss those days. Once a hardcore kid, I will always be a hardcore kid. Hardcore has made me to be the man I am now…

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